The kind of representation we have in congress.

September 28, 2008

A friend* was kind enough to send me this piece. He read it on the Internet, so you darn well know it’s true. Besides it sounds like Nancy Pelosi.


A noted psychiatrist was a guest speaker at an academic function where Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) happened to appear.

Ms Pelosi took the opportunity to schmooze the good doctor a bit and asked him a question with which he was most at ease.

“Would you mind telling me, Doctor,” she asked, “how you detect a mental deficiency in somebody who appears completely normal?”

“Nothing is easier,” he replied. “You ask a simple question which anyone should answer with no trouble. If the person hesitates, that puts you on the track.”

“What sort of question?” asked Pelosi.

Well, you might ask ‘Captain Cook made three trips around the world and died during one of them. Which one?'”

Pelosi thought a moment, and then said with a nervous laugh, “You wouldn’t happen to have another example would you? I must confess I don’t know much about history.”

She who would be queen.

She who would be queen.

* Tip of the old hat to Donald J for the idea.


The good old days.

September 24, 2008

Came across this in the paper today. That Wiley Miller, the genius behind the Non Sequitur comic strip can really hit the nail on the head. And once again, he has done it again. Few words, but the point is right on!

When people enjoyed polls.

When people enjoyed polls.

Myself, If a pollster ever asks me a question, I’m going to lie like Ted Kennedy.

Mr. Bob wishing you all a great day. And remember, Make a Fast Friend… Adopt a Greyhound!

Wow, on search of Google found 1,130,000 info sites for greyhound adoption.

I miss you Ms Ruby.

September 23, 2008

It has been a week since I lost my best friend. A week has passed and I’m still confused. How could something like this have happened to such a special person in my life?

I still get up and look for her in all of her favorite place. The guest bathroom, AKA, The Office. My people’s offices. The bedroom, the living room. But she is not there. It feels like she should be here. After dinner, I still wait and look for her to go outside with.

When I’m outside running, I wait for her to come out of some “ambush” spot to try and knock me off my stride. But I run with no interruption and it is just not as much fun without Ms Ruby.

My people are going to get me a copy of Dragon Speak because they understand I’m not the worlds greatest typist.

I just had to write some additional words about my beautiful Ms Ruby. I miss you and will always hold you in my heart. I found this poem that I hope Ms Ruby would enjoy.

I miss you

by I love u

I miss you so much
you were my best
friend in the whole
wide world you
were my every thing
how could you just
leave me like this i
would give any thing
to get you back you
were my one and
only i just hope i get
to see you one day

Say Good Night Ms. Ruby, I love you.

Mr. Bob

Our favorite position.

Our favorite position.

Thank you all for your kind words.

September 17, 2008

My people and I would like to thank all of our family and friends who have written notes of condolence on the passing of our Ms. Ruby yesterday. The thoughts do help to lighten the grief. I find myself looking all over the house checking for her. I guess it just hasn’t really sunk in that she has crossed over the bridge.

I would like to share some of the words of condolence…

From Doc S in CA:I lost my best little dog 1 year ago last week. He was a great Border Collie. Say what you will about cats and dogs. They are refreshing. I will hope to get another Border Collie soon, maybe Australian Shepherd.. sometime this next year. Looking forward to seeing you.

From Doc Chuck in WA: I very well know the hollow spot left when you have to let a dog or cat go. The grief is as great as losing any other member of your family. They quickly enter your heart and take a piece of it with them when they go.

The only recovery is to bring in another dog right away.

From our new friend in Salisbury, Rebecca: I am so very sorry about your dear Miss Ruby!! I am only glad I was privileged to have met her and pet her. She was a love.

From Deena in Salisbury: How fortunate Ms. Ruby was to have had such a devoted companion as Mr. Bob and people who loved her dearly. Had sad for those she has left on this side of the Rainbow Bridge. I know they will miss her deeply. I too, will miss reading her witty postings or hearing Mr. Bob as he told of her antics. She was truly a regal lady.

From Peg and Smitty in AR, who I have never had the privilege of meeting but are friends of my people: Dear Mr Bob,

We were so saddened to hear of yours and your family’s loss. Ms Ruby must have been a wonderful companion and friend. Your words spoke eloquently of the love you all shared for such a special lady.

Our thoughts are with you all as you move forward with beautiful memories and the hope of someday reuniting with her.

From Uncle Don, Aunt Betsy, Stephine, Matthew, Cocoa and Poppy in VA: Rich/Pat and Bob – We were all so very sorry to hear of Ruby’s passing. All any of us can hope for in life is to hopefully bring a little joy and happiness into the lives of those around us, and from that point of view, Ruby could certainly go to her rest knowing that her life had been a success. She brought so much sunshine and comfort to you all and to everyone she touched – certainly to all of us up here, including her distant cousins, Poppy and Cocoa. In turn, it seems that you all brought much comfort and love to her as well – she didn’t want to leave, regardless of her discomfort. Despite the tough beginnings she faced as a racing greyhound, she lived the bulk of her life in the caring, warm surroundings that she deserved and held on to until the very end.

With all our love and affection

From my Brother-in-Law Patrick in CO: I’m very sorry to hear about Ruby. I wish there was something I could say or do to fill in the void she left but unfortunately only time can help. Below is stanza from a poem written by Lord Byron about his dog which I feel is very fitting to all dogs – no matter what breed.


Near this Spot
are deposited the Remains of one
who possessed Beauty without Vanity,
Strength without Insolence,
Courage without Ferocity,
and all the virtues of Man without his Vices

From Carolyn in FL: I am so sorry to hear about Ms Ruby. It is so hard to lose a beloved pet. I am very sad as I know you are.

From a friend in NY: Please accept my condolences of the passing of Ms. Ruby. I know how much you both cherished her. She is in peace and in a much happier place. She will always be with you, you were the loves of her life. She wouldn’t want you to weep for her because she is in doggie heaven and eating donuts & bacon and eggs and all the things she loves. God Bless!

From our neighbors: I had no idea Ms. Ruby was having problems. We are so sorry to see you lose one of your family. Please call on us if there is something we can do to help you at this time. Ms. Ruby was as sweet as they come and we will miss seeing her. I’m glad she knew the love and total commitment that you two and Bob gave her in her later years. May God be with you and draw you near Him at this time.
Bob & Pam

From Doc Dave in WA: Sorry to hear about Ms. Ruby.
Give my BEST to Mr. Bob and his People.

From Dr. John; Sorry to hear of your loss Richard.

My people and I would like to thank all who have offered kind words. Thanks to all, and sorry if I missed someone who has sent kind words.

Love to all,

Mr. Bob

Sweet dreams and God’s speed Ms. Ruby.

Say good night Ms. Ruby…

September 16, 2008

Then God sent the Greyhound to live among man and remember.
And when the Day comes, God will call the Greyhound to give
Testament, and God will pass judgment on man.

I have the sad task to tell the world that one of the Greyt Greyhounds now belongs to the Ages.

Ms. Ruby, Crossed over the Bridge today after a short and valiant fight with osteosarcomas. What the doctors at first thought was a pinched nerve in her neck that was causing a limp was in fact cancer. Over the past few days she developed a rapid swelling of the right lower leg. Her doctor took an x-ray and determined that she had a pathologic fracture. It must have been extremely painful but she really didn’t show it. Only last night did she whimper a bit. She was a real trooper.

After much research and discussion it was felt that the best thing to do was to put her to sleep. She was a fighter to the very end. And ever was she brave. The doctor had to give her enough eternal sleep medication for a 300 pound dog. She finally gave in and pasted gently into eternal sleep.

Her people were with her the whole time. I can’t image how saddened they must be with her passing. I have lost my best friend and companion. The house is strangely quiet without her. It was so strange to go out after dinner without her. I feel so lost.

I am just glad that she did not suffer. She was a true lover. Everyone who met her fell in love with her. If our people went to Burger King without us, they always wanted to know where we were. Now we will have to tell them that our Ms. Ruby has passed.

I can’t write anymore. My people need me.

Good night sweet Ruby…


Mr. Bob

Ms Ruby decked out.
Ms Ruby decked out.DOGS’ PRAYER

A Dogs’ Prayer

I ask for the privilege of not being born…

not to be born until you can assure me of a home

and a master to protect me,

and a right to live as long as I am physically able to enjoy life….

not to be born until my body is precious

and men have ceased to exploit it because it is cheap and plentiful.

– Anonymous –

Make a Fast Friend….

Adopt a Greyhound


September 9, 2008

Okay, so I’m not as good at this typing thing at Ms Ruby, but I can copy and paste. So here goes. We got this from our friend Carol Joy. Boy, she has some great stuff. Anyway, I know this will get get a rise out of some people but what the hell do I care. I can out run any of you.


One day a fourth-grade teacher asked the children what their mothers did for
a living.

All the typical answers came up – teacher, nurse, businesswoman, saleswoman,
doctor, lawyer, and so forth.

However, little Justin was being uncharacteristically quiet, so when the
teacher prodded him about his mother, he replied, Well my mother’s an exotic dancer in a cabaret
and takes off all her clothes in front of men and they put money in her underwear. Sometimes,
if the offer is really good, she will go home with some guy and stay with him all night for

The teacher, obviously shaken by this statement, hurriedly set the other children to work on some exercises and then took little Justin aside to ask him, ‘Is that really true about your mother?’

No,’ the boy said, ‘She works for the DEMOCRATIC National Committee and is helping to get Barack Hussein Obama, Jr to be our next President, but I was too embarrassed to say that in front of the other kids.’

Ah, you have to love the honesty of kids.

Ms Ruby wants me to say thank you for all of your thoughts. She is doing a little better but not running around yet. May be tomorrow will help cheer her up. It’s HAMBURGER DAY!

Just a qucik note..

September 3, 2008

I’m sorry to report that Ms. Ruby is under the weather. Somehow she has developed a pinched nerve in her neck which has really put a crimp in her style. Because of the problem she has not been able to do much typing or web surfing.

To add to our problem I had to get our person to write this for me because I hate to type. If I had to type this it would have taken me a week. So, hey, thanks person.

Please keep Ms. Ruby in your thoughts. She has a real hard time going down stairs and we had to ask our good friend Randy from Advantage Builders in Salisbury to build a special ramp for her. Thanks a million Randy. Ruby really enjoys using it. Now she can continue to go out and lounge by the pool.

Ramp by Advantage Builders...

Ramp by Advantage Builders...

We hope to be back soon.

Mr. Bob