A tune of love to Hillary.

March 31, 2008

Ms. Ruby found this little ditty in her mailbox yesterday and was moved to tears. She was so broken up, that I had to take over the duty of posting it for all of you to enjoy. Have a box of tissues ready.

Thank you Mr. Paul Aldrich, a real troubadour. More of his great work can be found at paulaldrich.com

Paul Aldrich

Ms Ruby and I both find these songs such a great inspiration with their message of hope for the future. Please, take the time to sit back, relax and really ponder the importance of the message.

As I always sez, it’s a real….. Howl

Have a great day,

Mr. Bob


And as a follow-up…

March 30, 2008
clinton-lied-2.gifClinton lied 2Clinton lied
A special thanks to all the great American political cartoonist who have said so much, with so few words.

Enough is Enough!

March 29, 2008

Well, we tried biting our tongues but it just doesn’t work anymore. This BS of H.Clinton landing in a hot LZ and being exposed to sniper fire has got to stop. The press has given example after example of what a lier she is. Using such terms as “I miss-spoke, that is how I remember it” just don’t fly. The woman is a lier and everyone knows it. She is a pathologic lier. Funny how she can’t remember important facts of when she was in private law practice or first lady.

She has lied to the American people and the people of the entire world regarding her stand on the Iraq war. She voted in favor of the war. She also was a poster child supporting President Bush’s decision to go to war. She read all the same intelligence report that every other member of Congress read, including President Bush read. She knew she was committing our young men and women to war, and had no remorse for doing it.

Now we see another Clinton following in her parents footsteps. Chelsea. On national TV, when asked by reporters about her mother’s mis-spoken account of her landing under fire, Chelsea responded by saying, “I stand by my mother’s words”. Talk about the nut not falling from the tree. Didn’t she see the film clips to refresh her memory? Can’t she speak for herself? Why does she have to lie? Just another generation of power starved Democrats, starting down the path to political corruption.

The more we think about it, the perfect team for the Democrats would be Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. Think of all the war story fabrications they could concoct. Biggest duo of war hero’s since Audie Murphy. (No disrespect to Mr. Murphy).

How is you humans can’t see a lier right before your eyes? Scary. We dogs are better judges of character than any Homo Sapien.

Of course, per usual, We’re sure Ms. Clinton will cry, once again, that this is all….


We, have a great day people. We just had to get that out of our craws.

Ms. Ruby & Mr. Bob

Snow White and the Seven Dwarf’s

May 23, 2007

When I read this email from a friend of ours I did the C&H Happy Dance. Calvin & Hobbes Happy Dance

The seven dwarfs went off to work in the mine one day while Snow White stayed at home to do the housework and cook the dwarf’s lunch. However, when she went to the mine to deliver their lunches, she found to her horror there had been a cave in and there was no sign of her dwarfs.

Tearfully she yelled into the mine entrance: “Hello, is anyone there? Can you hear me?”

A voice floated up from the very bowels of the mine: “I think Hillary Clinton will be the next President of The United States”.The many faces of Hillary Clinton

“Thank God!” said Snow White, “at least Dopey is still alive!!!!”

Have a Howling Great Day. copy-of-howling-dog-1.jpgThis is Mr. Bob signing off.

Bob is still laughing… That Hillary, what a waste of good o2.

May 22, 2007

Bob was doing a little surfing today and came upon this old story about Her Royal Ass, Hillary Clinton. Seems that the members of the military dislike of her is nothing new. This one goes back to 2005 and Bob’s sure it is still true today.

And what Bob liked most is he found back-up proof on Snopes.com. Click link below.


This is another one of those wonderful cases where a picture is worth a thousand words!

Displeasure by coerion.

Bob sez the only thing that could have mad the picture above better is if “The Bitch” had made what he calls one of her goofy faces. She sure is good at em!
Goofy face.