Is this what it is coming too?

June 21, 2007

Ms. Ruby came across this cartoon and got to thinking… Press 1 to cross street which is not EZ for her since she’s retired.

We just came back from a road trip to our favorite winery, Dennis Vineyards Winery in Albemarle, NC when Ms. Ruby noticed there was a lot of road construction going on. We were stopped next to the flagman who was directing traffic, when all of a sudden a strange sound came over his radio. At first either one could tell what it was. Then we looked and saw that the flagman was Hispanic. In fact, everyone in the road crew was Hispanic except for one Gringo.

Wow, we thought the boss man driving us made a wrong turn and we were in Mexico or some place South of the border, and we don’t mean in South Carolina either. I wanted to ask them if they all had green cards bur Ms. Ruby told me in no uncertain terms to be quiet! She has a way of getting way with just a look… not pretty!

Anyway, when she saw this she said we just had to post it.

And before anyone gets upset with the nice people at Dennis Vineyard Winery, these are OUR opinions! Not those of the people at the Winery! Just had to get that in so no one gets the wrong idea. Hey, what do we care, we’re Greyhounds!